Mission, Vision & Values



Our mission is to bring about a vibrant community where people lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions.


To realize a community that values the contributions of every person.
Fairfield DD will lead a transformation to a community that values individual differences.  When invited, we will partner with individuals to create connections and develop skills as they take their chosen place in the community. We will cultivate a network of providers with a common vision to support people with the services they need, so they can achieve the lives they desire.


* We value hard work, innovation and fiscal responsibility. Therefore, we commit to fostering excellence through technology, efficiency and creativity.

* We value personalized services and choice. Therefore, we commit to person-centered planning and only help where and when we are invited and needed.

* We value relationships built on respect. Therefore,  we commit to supporting equality as people build meaningful connections within each of their communities.

* We value collaboration and partnerships. Therefore, we commit to building and strengthening community partnerships through training, outreach and guidance.

  • We commit to use taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently.
  • We commit to use technology to open doors.
  • We commit to build networks of relationships in community life.
  • We commit to help people discover their personal genius.
  • We commit to protect health, wellness and safety.
  • We commit to support people's contributions and accomplishments through valued social roles.
  • We commit to promote choice and self-direction.
  • We commit to strengthen the culture of rights, respect and dignity.
  • We commit to foster excellence, collaboration and innovation in services.