Fairfield DD Senior Leadership Team

john pekar

John Pekar

John has been the Superintendent of Fairfield DD since 1999.  He began his career as a direct service worker at the first group home in Akron in 1973, and has served as the CEO of two non-profit organizations in the Akron/Canton area supporting people with developmental disabilities. John also served as Deputy Director at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities from 1991 to 1996. 

John feels his two most rewarding jobs are his current one as Superintendent of Fairfield DD and as CEO of Siffrin, Inc. in Canton from 1980 to 1991.  When he left Siffrin, he felt as if he walked away from the "garden of eden" of jobs, and considers himself extremely fortunate that he was allowed "back into the garden" at Fairfield DD.


Beth Seifert
Chief Financial Officer

Beth has been with Fairfield DD as CFO since January 1999. Prior to that, she spent 12 years working for OhioHealth in Columbus. Beth holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Franklin University, and obtained her certified public accountant license in 1992.

Beth has been involved with the programs offered by Fairfield DD since 1993, when her daughter was referred to the Early Intervention Program. Her daughter attended Forest Rose's pre-school and school age programs.

“I believe that this organization provides great opportunities to the individuals we serve. Even though I have very little interaction with the individuals we serve, I find great satisfaction in knowing that I play a part in the opportunities we are able to provide.”


Cindy Hillberry
Director of Human Resources

Cindy started in the field in February of 1988 when she began work with Ohio Industries for the Handicapped, Inc.  She joined Fairfield DD in December of 1996 as the Community Employment Manager and moved into her current position of Director of Human Resources in March of 2001.  Cindy is a Lancaster native, graduated from Lancaster High School and holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Ohio University.

“Any time we see a ‘win’ with an individual – whatever that means to them – it reminds us that that’s what we are here for and ALL of us play a part in that!  In regard to my personal position, I love it when we actually get to do good things for staff!”


Ray Schmidt
Director of Quality, Planning & Innovation

Ray has served Fairfield DD in many capacities over the years including Case Manager, Program Services Manager, and Residential Director.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Muskingum University and a MPA from Ohio University. His current responsibilities include helping to develop our service delivery system through private providers, increasing our abilities through training, and investigating new and innovative ideas and technology.  Ray's special areas of interest include Autism, behavior, and adaptive technology.

“I love being able to talk about the future and design those services and programs that will help us realize a better tomorrow for the people we serve.”

Kyle Miller
Director of Adult Service Options

Kyle has been working in the field since 1988 and joined Fairfield DD in 2015. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree from Ohio University. In his current role he identifies and develops innovative approaches to services that are aligned with the Employment First Philosophy coordinates adult service options that are meaningful, productive and connected to the community – all with a person-centered approach.

“When people increase their independence and recognize their own success, the resulting confidence strengthens their foundation to reach even higher and achieve even more.  It becomes an endless cycle of success.”


Wendy Ricker
Director of Services and Supports

Wendy has served in multiple capacities within Fairfield County Board of DD including Individual Support Coordinator, Community Employment Services Manager and most recently as ISC Supervisor. She is experienced in mental health counseling, case management and vocational rehabilitation. She maintains her certification as a certified rehabilitation counselor. Wendy holds a BA in Psychology from University of North Carolina and a master’s degree in education from Wake Forest University.

“I find it gratifying working with people to overcome barriers and to achieve positive outcomes.”


Temple Custer Montanez
Director of Community Relations

Temple joined Fairfield DD in 2012 as a substitute teacher at Forest Rose and, within a month, became the General Manager of Art and Clay on Main / Square 7 Coffee House. A Lancaster High School graduate, she obtained her bachelor's degree in English from DePauw University and has received several Associated Press Awards in journalism.  Temple has had a colorful career including marketing/communications management, public relations, journalism, free-lance writing and retail management.

“Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone has the ability to tell it. I am thankful every day to have the honor of spreading the word about the people, initiatives and successes taking place in our county.”


David Uhl
Director of Business Development & Government Relations

David joined Fairfield DD in 2012 and works closely with the business community and elected officials in an effort to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that fulfill the Fairfield DD mission. In addition, he is responsible for Fairfield DD’s Social Purpose Enterprises (Art & Clay on Main / Square Seven Coffee House). David is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and Capella University and holds a PhD in organizational management & leadership, a master’s degree in education, and a bachelor’s degree in religion.

“I enjoy helping to create opportunities that enable those we serve to take their chosen place in the community.”

Jodi Blais
Director of Educational Services

Jodi Blais has been the Director of Educational Services at Forest Rose School/Early Childhood Center since August 2006.  She is also an adjunct professor at Ohio University- Lancaster Campus where she has taught a class on inclusion since 2000.  Prior to joining the Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities she spent 10 years as Preschool Director and Speech Pathology Supervisor for Fairfield County Educational Service Center.  In the early years of her career, Jodi worked as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools and Fairfield Medical Center and also as an Early Childhood Special Needs teacher.   Jodi received a BS in education from Miami University and a master’s degree in early childhood special education from the University of Miami.

“I am passionate about getting the conditions right so that all children can learn.”


Gaynor Pfeffer
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Gaynor has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1987.  She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ohio Dominican University.  After serving 10 years at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and 10 years at the Franklin County Board of DD, Gaynor is very excited about finishing her career here at Fairfield DD.

The enthusiasm at Fairfield DD makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. To see all of the hard work bring about such positive results is amazing.”


Anderson, Cathy
Individual Budget Specialist


Andrews, Liz
Individual Support Coordinator

Arbuckle, Jennifer
Educational Aide

Armstrong, James
Job Trainer

Bales, Sheri        
Individual Support Coordinator Assistant

Barnett, Susan        
Supervisor of Transition Services

Baum, David        
Community Outreach Supervisor

Beery, Jim        
Facilities Technician


Bloom, LaTisha        
Individual Support Coordinator Supervisor


Boley, Lisa       
Individual Support Coordinator

Boyer, Katherine

Bruckelmeyer, Julie    
Individual Support Coordinator Resource Assessment


Bunting, Bradley

Burns, Lori
Occupational Therapist

Buser, Dawn        
Individual Support Coordinator

Cain, Brittany
Pickerington Center Receptionist


Carlson, Kathleen
Individual Support Coordinator


Carpenter, Karissa
Planning Coordinator

Carter, Amy

Childs, Natalie
Individual Support Coordinator


Clark, Vikki
Administration Receptionist

Clouse, Kathleen
Pickerington Center Receptionist


Cooperrider, Monica    
Individual Budget Specialist

Couasnon, Yves
Individual Support Coordinator


Cummerlander, Marie    
Individual Support Coordinator


Curry, Kathryn        
Family Support Services Coordinator
Summer Scholarship Coordinator


Dancho, Leslie        
Community Support Manager


DeLong, Cheryl        
Instructor Assistant


DeLong, Melissa    
Individual Support Coordinator Assistant

Dennison, Kathy    
Job Trainer


DeVault, Tammy    
Instructor Assistant


Dexter, Michelle    
Individual Budget & Medicaid Services Supervisor


Dille, Amber
Individual Support Coordinator


Drum, Lisa
Instructor Assistant


Everitt, Lois
Individual Support Coordinator Supervisor

Molly Fender.jpg

Fender, Molly
Developmental Specialist


Fisher, Stacie        
Individual Support Coordinator

Fleming, Janet
Food Service Worker

Foucart, Wendy

Fries, Sarah
Job Developer


Furry, Laura
Individual Support Coordinator


Gardner, Joelle
Billing Specialist


Geer, Darenda
Senior Benefits Analyst


Giesler, Mark
Quality Assurance Specialist

Goehring, Donna

Goodman, Cathy
Instructor Assistant

Alicia Greenwood.jpg

Greenwood, Alicia
Individual Support Coordinator Employment Focused


Hardy, Chelsie
Individual Support Coordinator


Hardy, Lois
Educational Aide


Harris, An'Gelica
Behavior Services Coordinator

Hawk, Lori
Educational Aide

Headley, Andrea
Ancillary Aide

Holbrook, Jennifer
Individual Support Coordinator-Employment Focused


Holt, Michelle
Administrative Assistant to the Director of HR


Howard, Cheryl
Educational Aide

Hummel, Michele
Administrative Assistant to Director of Educational Services

Hunter, Cathy
Supervisor of Student Services

Hutchinson, Christina
Educational Aide


Jacobs, Charity
Individual Support Coordinator

Johnson, Elizabeth
Receptionist Forest Rose School



Jumper, Cathy
Individual Support Coordinator


Kemp, Nicole
Individual Support Coordinator


Kerr, Tanna
Individual Support Coordinator


Kocher, Angie
Food Service Manager

L. Lee.jpg

Lee, Lindsay
Developmental Specialist


Lovell III, Robert
IT Systems Specialist

Macioci, David
Adaptive Physical Education Instructor


Mallory, Amber
Individual Support Coordinator


Martin, Kelly
Individual Support Coordinator


McCoy, Rachel
Community Connection Coordinator

McIlwain, Brandon
Mail Route Specialist

McKinney, Rosie
Transportation Specialist


Merckle-Hunt, Stephanie
Payroll Coordinator


Merritt, Shasta
Educational Aide


Mikan, Anne
Professional Development Coordinator


Miller, Pamela
Instructor Assistant

Morris, Dianna
Individual Support Coordinator

Niceswanger, Mitsi
General Manager 150 W. Main


Nixon, Rebecca
Early Intervention Supervisor


O’Rielley, Jessica
Individual Support Coordinator


Oxenrider, Carrie
File Clerk, Resource Management


Patrick, Kristi
Individual Budget Coordinator


Pendleton, Courtney
File Clerk, Resource Management


Peterseim, Megan
Individual Support Coordinator

Lowe, Chelsi
Educational Aide


Rallof, Dean
Behavior Services Coordinator

Ray, Andrew
Instructor Assistant

Rhea, Dayna
Instructor Assistant


Richardson, Cassie
Individual Support Coordinator Assistant


Richardson, Stephanie


Rigsby, Jamie
Community Support Specialist


Rigsby, Kevin
Facilities Manager


Robinette, Scott
Facilities Technician

Roberts, Cheryl


Roberts, Allen
Individual Support Coordinator

Ruff, Teresa
Job Trainer


Sain, Becky

Sayre, Carol
Developmental Specialist

Schoen, Shelly
Individual Support Coordinator


Sarlo, Susan
Individual Benefits Coordinator


Scarpitti, Teresa
Individual Support Coordinator Supervisor

cruz_amanda (2).jpg

Scheidegger, Amanda        
Job Development Coordinator  

Schmelzer, Jeff
Individual Support Coordinator


Schmueckle, Brooke
Educational Aide

T. Shafer.jpg

Shafer, Tracey
Individual Support Coordinator Assistant


Sherrer, Melissa
Developmental Specialist


Smith, Tina
Services and Supports Assistant


Snoke, Alishia
Individual Support Coordinator

Snoke, Amanda
Job Trainer

Loretta Snyder.jpg

Snyder, Loretta
Educational Aide


Snyder, Michelle
Introduction/Eligibility Specialist

A. Springer.jpg

Springer, Angel
Developmental Specialist


Stebelton, Aaron
Job Trainer

Steinmetz, Stormy
Instructor Assistant

Strosnider, Alysa
Educational Aide

Sullivan, Rebecca
Hygiene Aide


Thimmes, Sarah
Speech Language Pathologist


Thorne, Brooklyn
Services and Supports Secretary

Thorne, Kristin
Provider Support Specialist

Tope, Lisa
Nurse Forest Rose School


VanAtta, Trena
Accounts Payable Clerk


Van Meter, Lynnette
Educational Aide

Wagner, April
Employment Support Coordinator

Wagner, John
Physical Therapist


Walling, Jennifer
Investigative Agent


Wamack, Bill
Educational Aide


Watson, Angie
Educational Aide

Welch-Hartline, Cathleen
Individual Support Coordinator-Employment Focused

Whiteley, Pam
Studio Coordinator

Wilkins, Amanda


Wilson, Tracey
Individual Support Coordinator


Woodside, Allison
Instructor Assistant


Wright, Michelle
Fiscal Officer

Ziolo, Wally
Job Trainer