New Waiting List Information

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The Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities has been working closely over the past year with county boards across the state of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, and persons served to address issues with the current Ohio Waiver Waiting List.  These issues included the fact that a large percentage of people on the waiting list had no current, unmet need, but instead were on the list in anticipation of a waiting period to address long-term needs.  This has resulted in the adoption of an updated version of the Waiting List Rule by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities that will take effect on September 1, 2018 and includes the adoption of a standardized statewide waiting list assessment tool.

It is important to us at Fairfield DD that you fully understand the changes taking place and how those changes may or may not affect you.  In short, the primary objective of the transition is to identify people with a current need for supports and to connect them with resources or alternative services that will meet their unique assessed need(s).  This will not only be a consistent statewide approach, it will also help the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and Fairfield DD to more effectively plan to meet current and future needs for individuals.

We understand that transition and change can be confusing.  Therefore, to simplify the process for you, Fairfield DD has identified a staff person who will primarily focus on assessing our Waiting List in the most precise and time-efficient manner possible.  This person will be in contact with you to complete the waiting list assessment, to review the outcome and to discuss how these changes may affect you.   For additional information about the new Waiting List rule, you can also visit  

We are encouraged by the feedback we have received throughout this process and look forward to a more organized approach to meeting your needs and the needs of those you care about.  Of course, if at any time you have questions or concerns, you can contact Fairfield DD.