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Adult Day Supports

The Fairfield County Board of DD provides and/or funds adult day supports for individuals based upon needs, desires and preferences.  Individuals may choose the services provided by the Fairfield County Board of DD at the Opportunity Center or at one of many provider agencies in Fairfield County.

Habilitation, socialization, recreation, leisure & social skills development and a variety of learning and educational opportunities are provide  at the Fairfield County Board of DD Opportunity Center and at the adult day service agencies in Fairfield County . Independent living skills development and associated activities such as cooking, crafts, community outings, computer skills development are available and are based upon the interests, desires and preferences of each individual.

Nursing services, counseling services, speech therapy services, occupational therapy services, physical therapy services and music therapy services are provided at the Opportunity Center operated by the Fairfield County Board of DD.

Community-based leisure, recreational and social opportunities are provided by the Fairfield County Special Olympics program, Aktion Club, First Chapter Book Clubs and many special events and activities sponsored by the Fairfield County Board of DD and by provider agencies in our community.

Seniors/Retirement Programs are available for individuals who no longer wish to work or to only work occasionally.  Services and group activities are offered based upon the interests of individuals who are generally of retirement age.  Community trips are scheduled throughout the week which includes visits to area parks, shopping malls, restaurants, museums and other points of interests.

Individuals are welcome to participate in activities on a full-time or part-time basis. All individuals are encouraged to try work which is available at Fairfield Industries or at one of many employment sites available in the community.

A listing of all provider agencies in Fairfield County and a description of the specific services available at each agency is available by contacting the Fairfield County Board of DD.

For more information on Adult Day Supports, please contact:

Brad Changet, Program Services Manager
4465 Coonpath Road
Carroll, Ohio 43112
(740) 652-7230 - Phone
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Email