the ELIGIBILITY process

If you are interested in receiving services from Fairfield DD for yourself or your child, you will first need to complete the eligibility process. Eligibility requirements differ depending on the age of the individual applying. For children ages 3-5, there must be at least two areas of developmental delay documented by a qualified professional.
For children and adults ages 6+, there must be a diagnosed disability from a medical doctor or licensed psychologist.
Individuals 6 and older must also have at least 3 Substantial Functional Limitations according to the C/OEDI assessment (Children’s/ Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument).
For those already receiving services, eligibility is re-determined at ages 3, 6, and 16.
For additional information on eligibility requirements or to get the process started, please contact Michelle Snyder, Introduction and Eligibility Specialist at 740-652-7220 or .  Michelle is available Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Intake and Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer someone for services?

If the individual is a minor, the referral should come from their parent or legal guardian. Referrals for adults should come from the individual applying for services or their legal guardian (if applicable). If a referring entity; we strongly encourage calling or visiting with the person seeking services.

What does the intake process entail?

The intake process will differ depending on the age of the individual applying, and specifics will be discussed with you during the initial request for services. For any age, the intake department will need to review documentation which reflects the individual’s current level of functioning and states any diagnoses that they may have. For ages 6 and up, we will also complete a Children’s/Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument.

How long does the intake process take?

The length of the process depends on a case by case basis. If the intake department is requesting records from a doctor’s office, hospital, or outside agency, some agencies can take 30 days or longer to process record requests. You do have the option of providing records yourself, and this could expedite the process. Examples of records include but are not limited to: Psychological Evaluation(s), Medical evaluation(s), hospital records, ETR’s, IEP’s, etc. Once appropriate documentation is received, the C/OEDI will be scheduled as soon as schedules allow.

What services are available through Fairfield DD?

Fairfield DD provides Individual Support Coordinators (ISC’s) to individuals that qualify for services. ISC’s help identify needs and connect you to community resources and services that may meet those needs. ISC’s coordinate a host of services including social, medical, education, and employment. Click here to learn more about Individual Support Coordination. Fairfield DD also provides a program called Family Support Services (FSS). FSS is a program that provides financial assistance to individuals who live with their family members and qualify based on taxable income. Click here to learn more about FSS.

What funding options are available?

Please see our link for Community Resources for Families for services that may be available to you or your loved one that exists currently in the community. For individuals that are eligible for county board services and live with their families, they can apply for Family Support Services as mentioned above. Fairfield DD also provides Medicaid waivers to individuals who qualify based on need. Depending on the type of funding needed, other agencies such as Social Security, Ohio Department of Education, Family Adult and Children First Council, etc. may be able to assist. Other options can be discussed with your ISC or during intake.

What is a waiver?

A waiver is a Medicaid funding source that can help pay for services to keep people with disabilities in their home and in the community. Eligibility for a waiver is determined by the Ohio Needs Waiting List Assessment. This assessment determines if there is a current or immediate need that cannot otherwise be met by alternative resources. Waiver services are payor of last resort, meaning all other resources must be explored first. For more information on waivers visit .