Fairfield Connect Network

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A network of friends, allies and neighbors... Get involved!

Imagine if every person who spent time with you throughout your day was paid to do so. For many people with a disability, this is the reality.

Community Connections is a network that aims to connect people with and without developmental disabilities through common interests and community activities in the hope that a friendship and bond will develop naturally.

Do you have a special interest or hobby you would be willing to teach to someone with a disability? Do you attend a civic group or religious organization to which you would be willing to invite someone? Would you like to spend a few hours playing games or watching a movie with a person who shares your interests?

You get the idea. People with and without disabilities are often more alike than different and we want to help bridge the gap.

To find out more or to volunteer your time or resources, give Julie Bruckelmeyer a call at 740-652-7220 or email her at jbruckelmeyer@fairfielddd.com.