Happy to Help!


If you’re feeling a little lost, you may need to seek out Trevor Arnold. He can not only help you find your way, he’s bound to put a smile on your face while he’s at it.
   Trevor, 25, recently received an award for reaching 2,000 hours of service from Fairfield Medical Center where he volunteers every Monday and Wednesday at the South entrance.  A graduate of the ProjectSEARCH curriculum at FMC, he has been a smiling member of the volunteer team for years.
   “It was a good fit for him since he knew many people already,” said Trevor’s father, Craig Arnold. “Just about everyone knows Trevor.”
   Trevor said after finishing his ProjectSEARCH program, he didn’t want to leave FMC.
   “I’m gonna tell you something,” Trevor said. “Everybody likes Trevor. They like the way I say ‘Hi’. They do—yes.”
   And with good reason. Trevor knows his way around the hallways at the hospital, which can be confusing for first-time visitors. He not only tells guests where different departments are located, he takes them there himself.
   “I take people to rooms, the elevator, x-ray and to their appointments,”  he confirmed. “I’m a rock star.”
   And speaking of rock, Trevor prides himself on being a connoisseur of 80s rock music.

   “He absolutely loves 80s music and can tell you 95% of the time the title and artist of any 80s pop music,” Craig said.
   In addition, Trevor likes to watch ESPN, cheers on the Buckeyes and is hoping to receive certification for customer service positions.  He and his parents are currently working on ways for him to earn money so that he can afford to live independently in an apartment of his own.
   “Volunteering has helped him live a more fulfilling life by gaining independence, confidence and the experience of doing things on his own in a work environment; and social interactions—like taking a bus, using and handling his own money,” his father said.
   But for Trevor, it’s much about social interaction.
   “I love the people, yes,” he said. “And they love me because I’m so special.”