Artist in Residence Brandon Muck took third place in the VSA Accessible Expressions Ohio 2019 Art Show in Columbus last month. His work, (right) is a portrait done in pyrography.
   ”I have a dog named Baby,” he said. ”She’s the one who can make me feel better when I’ve had a bad day, listens when no one else will or just hangs out when I don’t want to talk. Often I think she’s the only one that ‘gets me.’ This is why I feel guilty putting her in the cage when I leave for the day. She gives me this hopeless look as I walk out the door to the same schedule I play out every day—also known as, my cage.
   Brandon’s work will tour the state of Ohio throughout 2019. Fellow artist Kayla Council also was accepted into this juried competition and will have work included in the show’s tour.