Too Busy to Slow Down

While many of us spent the extremely long winter binge-watching tv shows , Zach Harris, 30, of Fairfield County was busy with his two entrepreneurial start-ups.

zach 1.png

   “I’m the CEO,” Zach said as he pointed to the shiny food truck in his driveway. I also make duck calls.”

   The food truck is also the company headquarters of Zachariah’s Redeye Bar-B-Que, a full-time food truck owned and operated by his family.

   “I’m the head French fryer and I’m the dishwasher,” Zach added. “People know who I am.”

   Mother Kimberley said she and her husband, Larry, were looking for a way for their son to get out into the community but also a way to help him finance his eventual independence.

   “We had come to a point in our lives where our careers were ending,” she said. “We took our life savings and purchased this truck. My husband had been cooking his whole life and was really good at anything having to do with barbeque.”

   The family spent over a year outfitting the truck while perfecting their recipes before hitting the road. Everything on the menu is made from scratch—ribs, brisket, pulled pork and tacos, as well as mac n ’cheese and baked beans. Of course, Zach is partial to the hand-cut French fries, though he isn’t sure which way he prefers them.

   “It’s just hard to say,” he said with a shrug.

   The truck has become a common fixture in downtown Columbus and can be found three or four days a week serving up their mouth-watering lunches to the hungry downtown workforce. Their busy season begins when area festivals begin and they also are booking for private events, such as parties and weddings.

   But barbeque isn’t Zach’s only passion. An avid outdoorsman, like his father and brother, he loves to accompany the men in the family on hunting and fishing excursions, specifically duck hunting—made all the more fun when using his own, handmade duck calls.


   “I have my own workshop,” he said. “I have my own lathe and drill press too. I basically taught myself. I was watching the show Duck Dynasty and thought the duck calls looked like fun.”

   Zach has made quite a few of the hand-turned duck calls and has sold them in small shops, as well as given them to friends.

   “They work too,” he said. “We got a duck from using my duck call. We dressed it and ate it too.”

   As if Zach wasn’t busy enough, he and his mother volunteer to clean their church every week and he also spends time with his siblings’ children.

   “The next step is for us to find a way to build him something like a tiny house on our property,” his mom said. “He needs to have his own space and be independent. He’d love to have a separate workshop too.”

   In the meantime, Zach said he enjoys everything he does and loves spending time with his family.

   “Oh!” he added. “I also know how to sew.”