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Adam Meyers is enthralled with his internship

Adam Meyers is enthralled with his internship

“The best part of everyday is when I get to walk through these doors,” said 20-Year-Old Adam Meyers of Pleasantville while taking a break from his shift at COSI in Columbus. “I love it here.”

   Meyers is four months into a 10-month internship at Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry in a program called STEP, short for Secondary Transition Employment Program. The program, initiated and implemented by COSI, is designed for transition-aged students who have visual impairment. Similar to ProjectSEARCH, students work internships three days a week at COSI, rotating throughout various departments such as Guest Services, Animal Care, Janitorial, Atomic Café and Floor Faculty. The students also take classes and live residentially on the campus of The Ohio State School for the Blind in dorms. Under the direction of Katie King, Meyers and his fellow students live on campus Sunday through Friday, which is adjacent to the COSI campus in downtown Columbus, and participate in classes and internships throughout the week.

   “It’s kinda like living on a college campus,” Meyers said. “I like it. I’m fairly independent and I am close to work.”

   King said that Meyers in not only an excellent student, but a perfect fit for the program.

   “This program is designed for a kid like Adam,” she said. “He takes initiative and is very mature. He responds well to the environment in COSI and is great worker.”

    To date, Meyers said his favorite COSI exhibits are the new dinosaur exhibition and the HONDA cars experience. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with the hundreds of kids and their families who visit COSI daily and he values any time he can get with King.

   “She is the very best teacher you can have,” he said. “I’m learning a lot from her.”

   Those who have ventured into COSI are familiar with the loud excitement that radiates throughout the building but this vibrant ambiance is not intimidating to Meyers.

   “I was shocked by how big this place is but the noise doesn’t bother me,” he said. “It has taken me a while to navigate the elevators and it’s easy to get lost in here if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

   Meyers prides himself on not only being a diligent worker, but an effective co-worker as well.

   “I come to work ready every single day,” he said. “And I try to be a good mentor for people I work with and for the kids that come in here.”

   While he would love for his time at COSI to never end, Meyers is making plans to return to Fairfield County after graduation and obtain employment with Fairfield Union School District. While he is excited for the future, he’s enjoying every part of his COSI/STEP experience.

   “It’s going to be really hard to walk out of here for the last time,” he said. “It’s a great experience.”